• Full Name: Alex Wainaina
  • Categories: Art & Design
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Country: Kenya
Alex Wainaina
Alex Wainaina is a self-taught artist and has been doing sculptures for the last 12 years. Gallery Watatu’s former manager, Ruth Schaffer, encouraged him when she saw one of his first small metal sculptures. It was his turning point and since then, he has been growing into one of the best junk metal sculptor in the East African region. He only uses metal found in junk yards which he breathes life into, recycling it in creative ways. His work mostly depicts color earth ranging from animal heads, fishes, insects and sometimes even sacred personalities. Born in Thika District central Kenya, Alex took formal education from primary, O level then enrolled in a technical institute for four years under Agricultural Engineering and mechanics and craft. With no formal art class, he learned the basics of how to work the materials needed to produce sculptures. In 1997 he offered a small painting to the National Museum in Nairobi, where he saw an art piece crafted out of metal and from then on he started experimenting with metals, and how to use them in the creation of art pieces.