• Full Name: Fadhili William Mdawida
  • Categories: Musicians
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Country: Kenya
  • Date of Birth: November 11
Fadhili Williams
The late Fadhili William Mdawida was a Musician / Composer who is most remembered for his song "Malaika" which he recorded with his band 'The Jambo Boys' in 1960. He began singing while in primary school in Taita. He dropped out while at Shimo la Tewa Secondary School pursue a career in music. He was recruited into Chem Chem Kids, his first group, by saxophonist Alexander Ayub. In the 1970’s Fadhili was working for the Nairobi offices of Phonogram (PolyGram) with various other Benga artists. He was invited to the United States as part of a government delegation where he stayed for about a year before returning to Kenya. By the mid-eighties, he was performing in international-class hotels in Kenya and Tanzania. But, apparently frustrated by his inability to make any great headway in either the local or international music scene based in East Africa, Fadhili returned to the US in 1987. His passed away on February 11 2001 and left a lasting imprint in Kenya's musical front.


 Fadhili Williams
Malaika 2011,October
 Fadhili Williams
Taxi Driver 2012,March
 Fadhili Williams
Waniua Ua 2014,June


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