• Full Name: Grace Emily Akinyi
  • Categories: Literature
  • Gender: Female
  • Birth Country: Kenya
  • Date of Birth: May 15
Grace Ogot
Grace Ogot (May 15, 1930 – March 18, 2015) was a Kenyan author, nurse, journalist, politician and diplomat. Together with Charity Waciuma she is the first Anglophone female Kenyan writer to be published. Ogot was born in Asembo district of Nyanza and attended the Ng'iya Girls' School and Butere High School. From 1949 to 1953, Grace Ogot trained as a nurse at the Nursing Training Hospital in Uganda. She later worked in London, England, at the St. Thomas Hospital for Mothers and Babies. In addition to her experience in healthcare, Ogot gained knowledge working for the BBC Overseas Service as a script-writer and announcer on the program "London Calling East and Central Africa". In 1959, Grace Ogot married the professor and historian Professor Bethwell Allan Ogot and later became the mother of four children. Her proclivity towards story-telling and her husband's interest in the oral tradition and history of the Luo peoples would later be combined together in her writing career.