Profile Creation Requirements

Wasanii endeavors to maintain the highest possible standards in the content it offers users.  The following guidelines must be followed before a profile can be published

1.      All Submitted profiles must be complete with all the required information as highlighted in the table below

2.      Profiles must contain decent profile and gallery photos.  No nudity will be allowed on the website

3.      All profiles must contain at least 4 work items listed.  Work items may include music, books, production items


Basic Profile Details

The table below highlights information that is required in all the profiles





Profile Name

A stage name, alias or performance name that the artist is commonly known as.  This name must be unique and will be part of the access URL for the profile


Profile Picture

A recent profile picture for the artist.  The ideal dimensions for this picture are 340 X 240 Pixles


Full Name

The full official names of the artist. 


Birth Country

The Country of birth for the artist


Date of Birth

The Date of birth for the artist.  Only the Date and month will appear on the actual profile


1.      Gender

The gender of the artist.  The options available are male, female or group.  Group should be used when the profile belongs to a group of people such a band, music or dance group



A category that best fits what the Artist is involved in.  The Key categories are Music, Fashion, Film, Literature and the Arts.  The System only allows users key in a maximum of 2 categories



Each category has a number of sub-categories that an artist can select.  In Music for instance, the artist can select Musician, Producer, Song writer, Dancer etc.




Enter a maximum of 200 words summarizing the life and work of the artist. This needs to be brief and highly summarized. Avoid listing the works done, music produced, events, awards won or nominations as they will all be featured separately and linked to the profile.  Key life events will also be captured in a separate section of the profile


Contact Information

This section can be used to enter contact information such as Email address, website, twitter account, facebook page or a telephone no that people make contact with the artist.


Gallery Photos

A selection of photo’s that can be used to showcase the artist


Additional Options for Models



Height of the model



Weight in Kg’s


Bust / Chest

Size of the Bust / Chest



Size of the Hips


Adding Work Items to a Profile


A Song is added to a profile by clicking on the Add Music button. A popup appears and the following information is required:-

·         Name of the Song – This field is unique thus duplicates will not be saved

·         Release Date – The date the song was released

·         Song Description – A small description of the song

·         Video URL - Link to the actual song, youtube or vimeo video.

·         Audio URL - Link to the audio song or a downloadable version of the song. (optional)

·         Featured Artists – Add artists who are associated with the song.  The profiles of these artists must exist in the system before they can be added here. (Optional)

·         Production Company – Add the production company or studio associated with the song.  The company must exist before they are added here. (Optional).

·         Cover Photo – User can select a photo that will appear as the cover of the song.  If this option is not selected, a photo will be automatically selected from the Video attached. (Optional)


A book is added to a profile by clicking on the Add Book button. A popup appears and the following information is required:-

·         Title – This field is unique thus duplicates will not be saved

·         Publishing Date – The date the book was published

·         Book Description – A small description of the Book

·         ISBN – ISBN No for the book

·         Publishing Company – A Link to the company that has published the book.  The company must exist in the database for it to be added there.

·         Cover Photo – The cover photo of the book.



This entity covers all Movies, TV shows, theater productions, skits, plays, animations etc.  To add a production, click on the add production button, a popup appears and the following information will be required: -

·         Title – Name of the Production

·         Release Date – The actual date it was released

·         Production Category – This is a dropdown field for the category that the item belongs to.  This can be a movie, TV series, Demo reel, Short Film or animation.

·         Production Company – Add the production companies associated with the production.  The company must first exist in the database.

·         Synopsis – A brief description of what the production is all about.

·         Language – The language the Production is in.

·         Running Time – The time in minutes that the production takes

·         Director – add the director or directors of the production.  Directors must exist in the database before being added.

·         Cast – List the cast members of the production.  Cast members must exist in the Database before being added to a production

·         Trailer URL – Youtube or Vimeo link to the actual production

·         Cover Photo – A cover photo that will be linked to the production.  If none is selected, a photo will be automatically picked from the attached video.



Photo / Art

This entity is used to capture items such as paintings, professional photographs etc.  Fields required here include:-

·         Title – Name of the item

·         Date – Date the photo or Art was created

·         Description – Brief description of the photo

·         Cover Photo – Actual photo

·         Gallery Photo – Additional photos that are related to the main photo


Wasanii reserves the right to edit your content before it is published, an email will be sent notifying the user that their profile has been edited before being published.  We also reserve the right to reject or unpublished profiles that do not comply with our guidelines.


Profile Verification

Wasanii will conduct profile verification so as to ensure the user who submitted the profile is authorized to manage it.  Once a profile has been verified, a verification mark will appear on the profile and all content published by the profile will automatically be updated on the website without going through our editors.



Wasanii reserves the right to review, modify, publish and or delete parts of the information provided in line with the company’s terms and conditions.