• Full Name: Charles Adamson
  • Categories: Musicians
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Country: Kenya
Ohanglaman Makadem
Makadem started off as a Ragga / Hip Hop artist and later found his footing in Anglo-Ohangla a term he coined to describe his self-styled, high-octane music, which fuses traditional Kenyan-African rhythms and harmonies with Caribbean and Western influence. Skilled in traditional African instruments, like the Nyatiti, Orutu or Kalimba alongside the electric bass / guitar or when using the Calabash and Bunde alongside the modern drum set, Makadem’s performances linger long in memory. Everywhere he has performed, whether in Denmark, USA, opening for Seun Kuti, to opening of The Cannes Film Festival, or being head name at México’s Ollin Kan Festival performing for 40,000 guests, or in Canada for 200,000, he has taken the audiences by storm. An entertainer with extensive international experience Makadem is truly one of Kenya’s greatest musician’s.


 Ohanglaman Makadem
Let's Play Ball 2010,June
 Ohanglaman Makadem
Otongolo Gal 2014,October
 Ohanglaman Makadem
Obama Be Thy Name 2008,November
 Ohanglaman Makadem
Mganga Mkuu 2014,May
 Ohanglaman Makadem
Nya Nairobi 2011,May
WIBO Culture present Soul Fire A Tribute Party @ 910 James Gichuru
Friday, 20 May


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