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Wasanii would like to take this opportunity to thank you for showing interest in our site. To ensure that we publish accurate information, please take note of the following guidelines that will help you submit accurate information.

Music Profiles

All music profiles submitted to wasanii should have the following information

  1. Profile Picture: - A recent profile picture of the artist.
  2. Name: - A stage name, alias or performance name that the artist is commonly known as
  3. Full Name: - the full official names of the Artist
  4. Birth Country: - Country of birth.
  5. Date of Birth: - Date the artist was born.
  6. Gender: - Options available are male, female or group.
  7. Category: -A category that best fits what you do for instance, Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Poet, etc.
  8. Sub-Category / Tags: - Sub-categories that people may associate you with e.g. genge, Gospel, Rap, Hiphop etc.
  9. Introduction: - Enter a maximum of 200 words summarizing the life and work of the artist. This needs to be brief and highly summarized. Avoid listing the works done, music produced, events, awards won or nominations as they will all be featured separately and linked to the profile.
  10. Full Bio: - The full bio of the artist.
  11. Contact Information: - Email address, website, twitter account, facebook page or a telephone no that people can reach you on.

All profiles that are categorized under the music category must have at least 5 songs linked to them. A song submission should have the following details:-

  1. Name: - Name of the song.
  2. Date Released: - The date the song was released.
  3. Details: - Brief info about the song.
  4. Picture: - Album or song picture. This can be obtained by using a screenshot of the video.
  5. Video: - Link to the actual song, youtube or vimeo video.
  6. Audio: - Link to the audio song or a downloadable version of the song (optional).
  7. Category: - Tags the song can be related to.
  8. Lyrics: - Lyrics of the song if available (optional).

A Music profile should also have at least 5 gallery photos that will help showcase the artist to the world. This information can be submitted in a word document, with the photo’s attached separately.


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