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Bamboo is a Kenyan born Hip-Hop artist who moved to Inglewood, California with his parents to when he was a year old. At the age of 17, his...

Camp Mulla

Camp Mulla is an alternative Hip hop group originating from Kenya. The group was co-founded in mid-2009 by Mykie Toni (Michel Mutooni), Shappaman...


Born in California Estate, and raised in South C estate Nairobi, Kenya, E-Sir was a Kenyan Hip- Hop artist signed to the Ogopa DJs label who was...


Hardstone is a Kenyan musician based in the U.S. His music is a mixture of Ragga, Reggae and Hip-Hop. He sings in English, Swahili and Kikuyu...

Holy Dave

Holy Dave is a Hip-Pop gospel artist from Kenya. He recorded his first studio single “Even Though I Walk”, in 2004 and by the end of 2009 had...

Influx Swagga

Influx Swagga is Hip-Hop artistes from Kenya. He started music in Calif records in 2006 where he recorded songs “Promise” and “Ongea Dada”....

Jay A

Jay A is a Kenyan performer whose genre of music spans through RnB, Hip-Hop and Afro-Fusion. The musician attended St. Mary’s Primary School in...

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones is a Kenyan Hip-Hop artiste who was born in Kayole, the Eastland’s area of Nairobi. His journey into the Kenya entertainment...


Born in Nairobi, Kimya moved to the U.S.A at a young age and was raised in California. Kimya began Rapping in 1992 when he was 12. When he...

King Kaka

Rabbit is a Kenyan artiste specializing in Hip-Hop music. As young boy he attended St. Johns Primary School and later graduated to Eastleigh High...
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New Profiles

  • P-Unit

    P-Unit is a Kenyan Pop group consisting of Frasha (Francis Amisi), Gabu (Gabriel Kagundu) and...
  • Maggie Otieno

    Maggie Otieno is a Nairobi based sculptor who works in various materials in both 2d and 3d. Her...
  • Wiwy

    Wiwy is a Dancehall / Hip-Hop musician and an Actress from Nairobi, Kenya. She’s been in the...
  • Just A Band

    Just a Band is a House/Funk/Disco band based in Nairobi, Kenya that was formed when the members...
  • Lupita Nyong’o

    Lupita Amondi Nyong'o is a Kenyan actress and film director. She was born in Mexico, but was...

New Media

  • Monica Arac de Nyeko
    Monica Arac de Nyeko Monica Arac de Nyeko is a Ugandan writer of short fiction, poetry, and essays, living in Nairobi. In 2007 she became the first Ugandan to win the Caine Prize for African Writing, with her story...

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  • Influx Swagga
    Influx Swagga Influx Swagga is Hip-Hop artistes from Kenya. He started music in Calif records in 2006 where he recorded songs “Promise” and “Ongea Dada”. Later in 2008 he was signed Sonic Sounds where he...

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  • Tobias Rix Butama
    Tobias Rix Butama Rix Butama was born in Bungoma, Kenya in 1959. His work as an artist has been clearly documented in the Library of the National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C. and extensively at home in...

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  • Jimw@t
    Jimw@t Jimw@t is a Kenyan Genge musician who recorded is first single “Sema Nami Sweetie” at the famed Calif Records whilst still in high school. The single was released in 2004, after his O levels...

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  • Meja Mwangi
    Meja Mwangi Meja Mwangi was born in Nanyuki in 1948 and educated at Nanyuki Secondary School. He then enrolled at Kenyatta University College (now Kenyatta University) but only spent two years of study there...

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  • Size 8
    Size 8 Size 8 is an Award winning secular turned Gospel musician who holds dual citizenship from Kenya and Uganda. She grew up in Kenya’s crowded Maringo Estate and attended Dr. Livingstone primary...

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  • Mutinda
    Mutinda Mutinda is a self-taught musician who began pursuing his career in his childhood by playing a home-made guitar. With his first salary Mutinda purchased his first guitar and embarked on his...

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  • Emmanuel Jal
    Emmanuel Jal Emmanuel Jal is a South Sudanese musician and political activist who was smuggled into Kenya while he was still young to escape Second Sudanese Civil War. Jal eventually stumbled upon Hip-Hop and...

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